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MPAC Returns to Bentonville, Arkansas For Venture Noire Economic Think Tank

August 10, 2023 - MPAC returned to Bentonville, Arkansas, the Headquarters of WalMart, Sam's Club, and the Walton Family Foundation. Our founder met with Venture Noire - focusing on advancing underrepresented entrepreneurs and marginalized communities.

The all-star cast, hosted by Venture Noire's Chairman Keenan Beasely, included titans of business, investing, media, education, and culture.

Our founder also had the privilege to reconnect with the Walton College for Blockchain Excellence Head Dr. Mary Lacity. Dr. Lacity introduced us to the Bentonville ecosystem as speakers at the Northwest Arkansas Tech Summit, and is a true pleasure and diamond, as well as a fellow New Jersey native focused on creating more diversity in Technology.

Our Founder also had the honor and privilege to perform "On Me", from his upcoming Billions in My 30s Album for the special VIP guests, tasked with revitalizing America's decrepit Black cities and creating a $1Billion-- the largest and first of its kind, endowment for our communities from Gary, Indiana to Newark, NJ.

Special thanks to Venture Noire's Jocelyn Tregesser for organizing the event, 19 Keyz video team for capturing the event, and attendees including investor Brad Allen, Hip-Hop icon Dame Dash, esteemed investor and producer Brandon Andrews, and Michele Roberts for their continued support and collaboration.


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