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MPAC's Transformative MLK Day

MPAC started MLK Day with Newark's Inaugural Health is Wealth Fair, a free community workout and wellness forum at Brick City Strength. Food and drinks generously donated by MPAC Solutions and Brick City Strength accompanied author Yvette Long's sermon on Black history, and input from Senior Aide in Senator Rice's office, Mark Swan on building a better Newark.

After the free community event, MPAC headed to "The Economic Inclusion Summit" at Newark's Metropolitan Baptist Church on Monday, January 20. This event is New Jersey's most influential MLK Day Celebration.  Our Founder appreciates the work of this pioneering ministry. He attends church every Sunday, and is devoutly committed to following Christ as a member of this organization.

The event was hosted by Senior Pastor David Jefferson. Guests including New Jersey's first Black Asset Manager, Blueprint Capital's Jacob Walthour, as well as NJ's Head of Diversity Hester Agudosi, Senator Booker, and many more.

MPAC's CEO was not scheduled to speak, but after hearing speeches that don't quite align with reality, Anderson chimed in to represent for Millennials and Gen-Zers who had no voice in the panel of Black leaders and a White Corporate Exec. You can see the reaction of the crowd, starting at 2 hours and 53 minutes, which went from uncertain, to wholly welcome under the direction of Pastor Jefferson to conclude the event.


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