Our Mantra


What does it mean to us?

The ability to generate a multi-billion human and quadrillion dollar macroeconomic impact through the nexus of social, intellectual, spiritual, financial, political, and network capital. It is the essence of C4; a global movement of service in the spirit of freedom dedicated to advancing the Cosmos. 



We are able to achieve this through...

We the Greatest, the Greatest of all time/The world is all yours, the world is all mine." 

President, Greatest of All Time 

Millions In My 20s is the Soundtrack to MPAC's development.

Award-winning "American Legend" video, produced at Harvard.

Highlights Private Equity Pioneer Reginald Lewis 

Hip-Hop artists, President and Louis King release the visual for their anthem, “Way Up”, to honor the unification of Australian Indigenous and African-American cultures, through Hip-Hop & Activism.

BLACK VC WEEK: Millions In My 20s Tour

MPAC produces events to catalyze our MVPs, building the NJ/NY Diverse ecosystem.

Forbes Opportunity Zone Summit Afterparty in MPAC Park

Millions In My 20s Album Release Amazon's @Audible

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